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Polygraph Testing

Polygraph testing has been used for years in law enforcement and business. It has also proven to be useful as a tool in our office for accountability with addictions. Individuals may successfully lie and some drugs remain in the body for only a brief time. However, knowing that a polygraph test is coming gives the addicted mind no room for deceptive thinking when acting out is being considered.

This can be seen as a positive part of recovery by the addict and contribute to the peace of mind for family and friends. This is particularly true with the health risks of intravenous drug use and random sexual contact. In some cases the test is part of setting a sobriety date with scheduled tests planed at set intervals depending on the needs of the individuals involved.

There are no surprises. Questions are written out in advance with the help of the therapist. The questions are reviewed with the client. No one other than the Polygraph Examiner and possibly the counselor are present. The results are immediate and a letter will follow for personal or case records.

Dianne Robinson of La Costa Data Services, Inc. shares our office. She is an experienced Polygraph Examiner who has traveled around the country for law enforcement, corporations, and television. To learn more about polygraph testing visit her web site or call her at 972-735-9569.